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878 West Bay Rd, Grand Cayman, KY1-1205, Cayman Islands

At Aventis, Dr Jonathan and Dr Imogen have carefully created a tranquil and relaxing dental and aesthetic retreat – a place to receive top standard dental and anti-aging facial care in a spa-like environment.

Lie back in our state-of-the-art, super-cushioned, treatment chairs. Put on your noise-cancelling headphones and let our capable team take care of you. Whether you’re visiting our dental studio or facial aesthetics medi-spa, our friendly team will invite you to wait in our comfortable, hotel-like waiting room.

Contact us now on +1 345 746-8555 to book a consultation Dr Jonathan or Dr Imogen!

Our Process

Your Consultation

At Aventis we take time during the consultation to really understand your treatment aims and formulate a plan that is best suited to you and your needs – whether that be fixing a broken tooth, doing a full cosmetic consultation or treating the lines or volume loss on your face.

At your dental consultation, Dr Jonathan will take the time to carry out a full examination which includes checking for cavities and gum disease. He will also look for worn teeth and at the way your teeth bite together. Dr Jonathan will also do a full soft tissue examination, checking for more serious conditions like early signs of mouth cancer.

Dr Jonathan’s expertise and passion is in smile design and cosmetic dentistry and he can carry out a full cosmetic smile analysis of the appearance of your teeth and guide you in ways to enhance your smile.

With our tranquil treatment rooms and cutting-edge amenities, when visiting Aventis, all you have to do is lie back, get comfortable and choose your favourite programme to watch on our in-ceiling TV screens.

Our Promise

Aventis means success and at our practice, Dr Jonathan and Dr Imogen strive to deliver long term, affordable and most importantly successful facial and dental treatment. We only use gold-standard materials of the highest quality which are as natural and organic as possible. With Dr Jonathan’s training and artistry, every filling or crown is carefully shaped and designed to be as aesthetic as possible, using a world class dental laboratory in Italy.. Aventis is bringing invisible fillings and dental artistry to the Cayman Islands.

Your Smile

It’s our aim for every patient to leave our practice feeling confident, refreshed and with a healthier and happier smile. We are here to revolutionise dentistry as you know it and have taken care to create a relaxing spa-like environment, so that you can’t wait to come in for your next visit!

Your Face

Dr Imogen prides herself on creating refreshed but undetectable results when rejuvenating faces. It is by understanding facial anatomy and the ageing process that she can craft small but significant changes that really do turn the clock back!

Contact us now on +1 345 746-8555 to book a consultation with Dr Jonathan or Dr Imogen!

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For Dr Jonathan and Dr Imogen, their patients are their top priority. That’s why Aventis offers 24/7 emergency dental care – so we can see you when you need us most. No matter who you are or what your dental concern is – big or small, we want everyone to feel welcome at Aventis. We also accept almost all insurance companies and for those paying out of pocket, we ensure our prices are competitive.

Meet the Team

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Dr Imogen

Dr Janish Grewal

Dr Sean Childers

Nurse Jennine

Hygienist Sooze

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    Second Floor, 27C Caribbean Plaza,
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